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I apologize for being dead for so long. To people who recently messaged me, I intend to answer you soon, but it will be a few days because I am swamped with pre-finals work and stuff. :’D I only have two weeks of school left, though, so I’m hoping to get back to posting after that! (I also haven’t played Okami in a while so I need to fix that :< and hopefully that will inspire me to post more.) 

In the meantime, please feel free to send me questions—if you’re curious about anything in particular, I’ll be happy to answer to the best of my ability, and I think it will get me back in the swing of things. Sometimes I’m kind of overwhelmed by how many things I could possibly talk about. XP 

also this blog has 920 followers how did that happen

(so many Okami lovers! You guys are the best. And thanks for you patience ;w;)


Anonymous said: How did the moon tribe fall?

I have my headcanons but no one knows D:


gummyninjagirl01 said: Is it just me or does this blog have more information on okami than the actual wikia

I go a lot deeper into it than the wikia does. :) You won’t find much general information on the game, but I go as far as I reasonably can into what went into it.


Anonymous said: I've seen you mention the grave in N. Ryoshima before, but in talking to the little girl nearby a thought occurred. Is is possible this little girl, who always remains by the tree (other children disappear into homes at night save for Camellia) could actually be the spirit of the lone grave? I mean, you need the catwalk to get up there, and I don't recall there being ANY treasure. Just the grave. And she tells you about the tower. So... Possibility?

Ooh, that’s an interesting hypothesis. That grave is such a curious location. At best I think I can tell you it’s a definite possibility. I’m just about to enter N. Ryoshima in my current playthrough, so I’ll check around. c:


Anonymous said: I noticed that characters like Kagu wears those golden bells that have Gohei on them, are those bells based of something?

Bells are used to call gods at shrines, and are said to ward off evil spirits, which is why they are often attached to charms such as omamori. Probably both of those associations, along with their common use with gohei/shimenawa, are why Kagu wears them.



(Sorry for taking so long to respond ;3;)


I’m finally done with the semester! I’m going to sleep for ten thousand days and then hopefully get back to this blog. Maybe I am sleeping? This feels like a dream.

I wish everyone who still has finals the best of luck, and to everyone a Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy/are enjoying your respective holidays as well :D



Sakuya’s dialogue here is actually really interesting because she uses  a specifically Buddhist term, utsushiyo (present world; transient world), even though she is a god drawn from Shinto lore. Shinto and Buddhism have coexisted for centuries in Japan, and various Buddhist sects usually did not exclude Shinto but actually worked to explain the how it fit in. Although the Shinto folklore in Okami is the most prevalent, and the easiest for us to see, combined with the presence of temples and priests, karma, and vocabulary like this, it seems to me that Okami is actually set within an ultimately Buddhist universe.


Samurai Dandy

I used to think that Samurai Dandy was simply the remnant of the “Westerner’s Peninsula” that had been cut out of Sei-an. (Western flair: why not?) Turns out that trendy Christian samurai really did enjoy Elizabethan fashion, though, and really did wear those ruff collars, and sometimes other aspects of English clothing design.

I learned this in my Japanese Literature class yesterday, after which my professor showed us this picture, and I had a minor freak-out.


Look familiar?



And the winner of the giveaway is princessbraus! Enjoy :D

In other news, between the end of the semester and doing NaNoWriMo, I am SUPER SWAMPED and so I won’t be posting for a while. (シ_ _)シ Sorry!

P.S. I hope to do another giveaway someday…


Okami Tea Giveaway!


To celebrate 700 followers on this blog, and also because I just finished Okami again, I’m going to give away some Okami tea blends! Whether you’re fresh in the world of tea, a loose-leaf veteran, or anywhere in between, this could be a great chance to try something new. Anyway, what could be better than Okami and free stuff?

On November 10, I will pick one random winner. Likes and reblogs both count. I will ship to anywhere in the world! If the winner is within the contiguous US, you may choose any two 3-ounce pouches of tea you like. However, due to the cost of international shipping, a winner outside that zone may choose one. (This stipulation is subject to change depending on my funds when this ends, though!)


Good luck! c:

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